What better time to talk about mental health than right now! With sickness, death, fear and madness lurking all around us, how can we possibly contain our sanity? Your body responds to the way you think, act and feel so it's crucial to be aware of the positive or negative thoughts, attitudes or feelings we put in our minds. This phenomenon is called the mind-body connection

Did you know that the human mind is so powerful that it can create an “imaginary illness” just by feeding it with the fear of getting a certain disease or sickness. This is known as a psychosomatic disorder. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety play a major part in developing a psychosomatic illness. Have you ever noticed, when you start to see people getting sick around you, you start developing similar symptoms, however, when you get tested and it comes back negative, your symptoms seem to just disappear? If you think about it, you literally "thought" your symptoms into existence! Symptoms of actual diseases such as high blood pressure, eczema and stomach ulcers can be made worse by mental factors such as anxiety and stress.

Drug companies are just one of the many culprits taking advantage of the mind-body connection. For years, doctors have prescribed medications called “placebos” and advise patients to take this specific medication to help ease their symptoms or treat the disease. Yet, the placebo is nothing more than a sugar pill. However, since the mind thinks the medication will help ease their symptoms or treat the disease, it does (to a certain extent of course). This is called the placebo effect. This practice is commonly used during clinical trials to see if a new medication works. Another culprit is the media. When all we see when we turn on the news is death, war and outrage, we become fearful of everything and everyone around us. This fear weakens the immune system and can lead to you becoming sick. 

What can you do to change this? You only have one mind, so take care of it. Feed it love, knowledge, goals and desires. Your body is your temple, so take care of it. Practice the art of yoga, deep breathing, meditation and daily exercise.

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

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